Sonntag 21.04.24
From: Romeo Oliveras

This year, a new working group was set up under the umbrella of Danse Suisse with the illustrious name, “AG IG”. The working group unifies all interest groups (IGs) in the field of dance throughout Switzerland. The reason for the merger is a matter of urgency: the demand for more funding at a national level.

These interest groups make an indispensable contribution to local dance professionals at the regional level. However, because not all of them receive financial support, some must function voluntarily. Moreover, the funding bodies and foundations responsible for funding are increasingly calling for IG professionalization. Professionalization requires the type of secure and long-term basic funding that even supported IG's do not receive. Funding bodies mostly finance individual projects, and do not typically make contributions to cover IG operating costs. The coverage of such costs is urgently needed in order for the IG's to continue their important work.

The newly coordinated initiative clearly points out the need for action and holds national authorities accountable. The "AG IG" comprises ten institutions and represents the regions of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Ticino, Eastern Switzerland, Central Switzerland, Winterthur and Zurich.