Registration form membership Danse Suisse (in German).

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Statutes Danse Suisse (in German)

The following natural individuals can become members of Danse Suisse:

  • Professional dancers, teachers, choreographers with professional training
  • Dancers, teachers and choreographers who can prove that they meet the professional requirements of Danse Suisse and can finance at least half of their living costs with their dance, teaching and/or choreographic work.
  • Exercising managerial functions or administrative-organizational staff who work for professional stage dance.
  • dance professionals in training: The association can grant the status "member in training" to persons who are in professional training for the duration of the training.
  • The association can accept supporting members (without voting rights).

Services for members

  • SUISA Settlements and Negotiations
  • Guides
  • Confirmation for professional training
  • Substitute mediation
  • Professional appointments (communication via website)
  • Information centre: concerns are sorted, dealt with or passed on competently
  • Professional register
  • Professional protection

Membership fees

Individual membership: CHF 150.00

Supporting membership B (legal entity): CHF 500.00

Supporting membership A (natural person): CHF 250.00

Dancers in recognised training courses and students of dance-related courses of study: CHF 15.00

Members of the following dance organisations receive a reduction of CHF 50.00 on the regular membership fee:

  • Action Danse Fribourg
  • Association Vaudoise pour la Danse Contemporaine (AVDC)
  • BETA (Association of Bernese Dance Professionals)
  • Danza Sia
  • FSED (Fédéretion Suisse des Ecoles de Danse)
  • IGTZ - IG Tanz Zentralschweiz
  • Rencontres professionelles de danses de Genève (rp)
  • Tanzbüro Basel
  • Tanzinwinterthur
  • TanzLobby - IG Tanz Zurich
  • Tanzplan-Ost