Dance Knowledge

In cooperation with our partners, who are involved in research as well as in the dissemination of dance knowledge, we provide studies and research work (in the original language) here and are thus committed to the dissemination of knowledge about dance.

Cooperation: University of Bern

Berner Arbeiten zur Theater- und Tanzwissenschaft (BATT)

Cooperation: Zurich University of the Arts

Cooperation: La Manufacture - Haute école des arts de la scène (HES-SO)

First documents will published soon.

further works

Reference book "arabasque - brisé - chassé"

These resonant terms are an integral part of classical ballet. However, their meaning goes beyond the designation of a movement or a position. This reference work in German contains 57 basic terms of classical ballet, for which the term, the relation to the movement or position and the execution are described. Video sequences that can be called up via QR codes supplement the information.

further information can be found here (in German).

to an excerpt of the book click here (in German).