Funding opportunities

Public funds

Cantonal scholarships can be applied for after the end of compulsory schooling. Each canton has its own criteria for awarding scholarships. It is therefore advisable to contact the competent cantonal authority in the canton where the adult applicant resides or where the parents or legal representatives live. Information on the competent authorities can be found on the federal website.

In general, scholarships can only be awarded for studies at a state school. In some cantons, such as the canton of Vaud or the canton of Aargau, it is possible to receive financial support for studying at a public school abroad.

Private funds

Numerous private schools in Switzerland and abroad help with the search for money. The best thing is to contact the desired school directly.

The Migros Culture Percentage has been awarding annual study prizes to young ballet students since 1971. They allow them to study at a renowned school for classical dance in Switzerland or abroad. The prizes are awarded on the basis of an audition in front of an international jury of experts.

The Prix de Lausanne offers its winners a whole range of scholarships and stages at renowned schools all over the world.

On the website, set up by Migros Kulturprozent and the Federal Office of Culture, you will find a whole list of private funding bodies that provide financial support to aspiring dancers.