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Workshops in the right column under Dance Studies & Training / Workshops and under Dance in Switzerland / Dance News

Auditions in the right column under Dance & Profession / Chances and under Dance in Switzerland / Dance News

Festivals, premieres and events in the right-hand column under Dance in Switzerland / Dance Calendar

We need:

- Graphic with a link to a website

- Format to be submitted: png, jpg // 500 x 500 Pixel (max. 1000 x 1000)


- for members: CHF 90/week

- for non-members: CHF 120.-/week-

- for institutions: CHF 150.-/week

Choreographers who are members of Danse Suisse have the possibility to publish the premieres of their companies for free during one week before the premiere date.

Job Posting

We publish advertisements on the → Professional Job Market and Opportunities subpage on request and upon submission of the necessary information (as a text or word file, no pdf!). The information should not be too extensive, but we are happy to link to an original page where a longer version can be read.


- for members: free of charge

- Auditions of professional companies ( funded by the public sector) for dancers are free of charge.

- for non-members: 1st week CHF 40.-, each further week CHF 20.-

Please send all details and information by e-mail to

Secretariat and payment collection: Kasernenstrasse 23a, 8004 Zurich, phone: +41 43 317 95 37

Dance Calendar

We include dates of professional dance performances in the dance calendar free of charge. Please send all the necessary information (see → Dance Calendar) to the office in good time.

Dance News

The newsletter we send out (the texts of which are always also linked under → Dance News) focuses on dance politics and structure; it provides information in three national languages on what is happening throughout Switzerland. Please feel free to contact the office if you would like to address specific topics!

The newsletter does not serve to advertise individual dance productions and performances - these are included in the calendar of events.