Michaela Bosshard

Michaela Bosshard

Project manager talent development

Talentscouting Days, summerdance, manager member workshops, assistant internal projects

workload: 40%

working days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Laura Jaeggi

Laura Jaeggi

Membership manager

Coordinator and editor newsletter, coordinator professional registers, content manager events calendar, assistant internal projects

workload: 50%

working days: Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Muriel Heinzel

Muriel Heinzel

Internal project management

Responsible for communication channels and accounting, project management for the promotion of young talents, database management

Workload: 80%

Working days: Tue to Fri

Editors Newsletter

Corinne Jaquiéry, editor Suisse romande
Filippo Armati, editor Ticino

Editor Calendars

Maren Sauer

Former employees of the office:

Bettina Glauser, Liliana Heldner Neil, Bostjan Ivanjsic, Rina Kopalla, Gianni Malfer, Sarah Marinucci, Wanda Puvogel, Sylvia Roth