Montag 18.03.24
From: Corinne Jaquiéry

Supported by numerous public bodies in French-speaking Switzerland, Safe Spaces Culture has become a benchmark in the fight against bullying in educational and cultural environments.

Safe Spaces Culture offers practical solutions and methods for use within work and educational spaces with the aim to free the cultural sector from all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Safe Spaces Culture currently provides two services: a contact point for students, employees, and the self-employed, as well as a confidant for companies and employers.

An anonymous, free hotline (+41 (0)26 321 15 30) is available for all employees, self-employed persons and students in the cultural sector who have run into difficulties at their place of work or education, and whose employers do not provide a designated contact within the company. Safe Spaces Culture can provide a mutual person of trust within the company who operates under a performance contract tailored to the needs and circumstances of the micro-structures within the cultural sector.

In this phase of the project, this service is primarily aimed at the smallest organizations, i.e. those that employ up to four full-time employees on a permanent basis. Thanks to the financial commitment of the public sector, this service can be offered for a small fee.

For people from German and Italian-speaking Switzerland, there are other support organizations that can be found on the Safe Spaces Culture → website under the heading → Other resources.


The precautions currently in place are explained in detail in their first → newsletter.