Montag 18.03.24
From: Filippo Armati

The Swiss Dance Days, which took place over the course of 5 days from February 28th to March 3rd, brought together numerous industry professionals, program designers, choreographers, dancers, mediators and politicians. Danse Suisse also had the opportunity to celebrate its 20th anniversary alongside these prominent figures in the form of a festive aperitif. The President of Danse Suisse, Kathleen McNurney, recalled the history and origins of the dance association.

During the Swiss Dance Days (SDD), some of the best choreographers and dancers are given the opportunity to present themselves to their local audience, as well as to the numerous international curators in attendance.

The Swiss Dance Days present the most interesting performances of the last two years and thus bring greater attention to the artistic work of the companies and important recognition to choreographers and performers. Each addition brings a mix of new attendees as well as regular participants. These bi-annual gatherings provide a familiar space for members of the Swiss dance community to network and further develop friendships. During the SDD, a sense of community becomes palpable; a feeling that is difficult to maintain across the span of Switzerland`s many different working regions. However, Danse Suisse is present precisely to remind us that this sense of unity makes us strong and that the dance community is alive, even in the more remote corners of the country where dance continues to thrive.