LET'S TEACH DANCE - continuing education seminars

Dienstag 23.01.24
From: Laura Jaeggi

For the protection of students and teachers! Ethics, responsibility and professionalism: share your practical experience and enrich your teaching. We are pleased to present you with an exclusive opportunity for further training and reflection within the field of dance education.

The training, led by → Angela Pickard, lecturer at the University of Canterbury and Danse Suisse, offers in-depth insight into the ethical, responsible and professional aspects of dance teaching.

  • Can I still touch students when correcting them?
  • How can I help students progress without drilling them too harshly?
  • How do I deal with a parent who wants their child to perform the lead role?

Practical solutions to such questions, which often arise from the everyday life of teachers, will be addressed and discussed. Participants will learn about effective methods to promote progress in dance technique without resorting to the use of excessive pressure. They will also be provided with tips and strategies on how to manage parental expectations in order to create a positive learning environment for all.

The content of this seminar is based on the revised Danse Suisse Code of Conduct, which will be re-published at the end of February.

Protection and prevention: a responsibility for the whole dance community!

The Danse Suisse Code of Conduct

The Danse Suisse Code of Conduct serves to ensure a safe, responsible and supportive learning environment in which the character and health of the students are respected.

It also serves to protect teachers by providing them with guidelines for appropriate behavior. It can, as well, be used as a reference point for the authorities and the public.

It is aimed to be benefitted by;

  • Dance teachers
  • Dance schools
  • Students and participants
  • Parents

It also serves as a reference for the trust centres, the authorities and the public.

Seminar information:

Course director: Angela Pickard (→ biography) and Danse Suisse

Neuchâtel: 28 April 2024 from 11.00 am - 4.00 pm

Location: Académie mdc - Villa Castellane, Fbg de l'Hôpital 21, 2000 Neuchâtel


Course language: english (translation in french)

With many thanks to the → Association of Swiss Dance Schools FSED and → Académie mdc - Villa Castellane.

Lugano: September/October (date to follow)

Course language: english (translation in italien)


Members of the professional register for dance teachers/dance mediators: Free of charge

Members of Danse Suisse: 50.-

Members of an IG / BGB / FSED: 80.-

Students: 20.-

All others: 100.-