Talentscouting Days

9 & 10 March 2024 : Initial intake for K&S programmes and talent assessment / 16 & 17 March 2024: K&S performance review.

Talentscouting Days 2025

2 March 2025: Talent assessments for dancers who train less than 5 dance lessons per week.

8/9 March 2025: New admissions for art and sport programme for dancers who train more than 5 dance lessons per week.

15/16 March 2025: Performance review for Art and Sport programme for dancers already in a K&S programme.

More information will follow.

Talentscouting Days 2024

Registration for the Talentscouting Days 2023 is now open!

Important: There are changes in the admission procedure regarding training background, guidelines for the letter of motivation and the format of music for solos. We kindly ask you to carefully read the documents → TSD24 Application procedure (in German) and → FAQ (in German) as well as the text below.

Registrations are accepted from the age of 10.

Registration deadline: 14 December 2023

We will use the e-mail address given during registration for further communication!

If you have any questions, please contact us via: talentscouting@dansesuisse.ch

If there are sufficient participants, Hip-Hop and Breaking classes will be offered. Please select "Breaking" in "dance major" on the application form and check "Hip-Hop" in the audition box. Your audition will then be assessed in Breaking and Hip-Hop. If you would like to be auditioned in Contemporary instead of Hip-Hop, please email talentscouting@dansesuisse.ch with this information.

General terms and conditions

Brief description of the seminar, which took place as part of the Talent Scouting Days in March 2024

How much pressure is too much?

The joy of dancing should be at the centre of young people's lives, but such exam situations are also associated with a certain amount of pressure. A mindful approach to pressure is necessary in every dance career - the focus is on the well-being of young people. The balancing act between under- and overstraining demands a great deal of reflection from everyone: Parents and teachers. Careful interaction helps to recognise and intercept signs of excessive demands at an early stage. Dealing with pressure also requires realistic and transparent goals, but also increasing self-determination on the part of the young people themselves. How can a healthy approach to pressure to perform be supported? How can the right balance be maintained? Today is an opportunity to think about this. After a brief introduction to Swiss Olympic's Ethics Compass, the event will focus on dialogue.

TSD teachers 2024

9/10 March

Contemporary: Giorgia D'Amica

Ballet: Isabelle Severs

Hip-Hop, 9 March: Glory/ Oriana Zeoli

Hip-Hop 10 March: Stephane Kingue

16 / 17 March

Contemporary: Salomé Martins

Ballet: Olivier Vercoutère

Hip Hop, 16 March : Komplex / Niko Culap

Breaking, 16 March: Michael Hofmann

Our experts

Samuel Wuersten

Kathleen McNurney

Gianni Malfer

Isabelle Severs

Jason Beechey

Sara Narbutas

Filipe Portugal

Salomé Martins

Olivier Vercoutère

Lesli Wiesner

Arman Grigoryan

Pilar Nevado


Daniell’ Ficola

Oliver Dähler

Stefanie Fischer

Yann Aubert

Galina Mihaylova-Grigoryan

Nathalie Guth

Stephane Kingue

Patricia Rotondaro

Theo Diedenhofen

Perla Perlson

Etienne Frey

Agata Lawniczak

Michal Mardas